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Lion King - 1696 Words

The Lion King and Hamlet Essay The Lion King amp; Hamlet - Comparative Essay â€Å"All it takes for Evil to prevail in this world is for good men to do nothing.† Disney’s The Lion King placed a children’s faà §ade on a very serious story of responsibility and revenge. This theme, however, is one of the oldest in history, and while it is not the most apparent, it does exist by William Shakespeare. The Lion King seems not to be based on a fairytale, but rather on the Tragedy of Hamlet by William Shakespeare. The basic character archetypes are concealed, and the storyline is simplified for children. But with a closer inspection of the characters themselves and the storyline, we the seasoned readers, can see just how apparent these similarities†¦show more content†¦This role in Hamlet is fulfilled by Horatio. Horatio is completely loyal to Hamlet. There is a constituent of mutual respect in both friendships. In Hamlet, Hamlet is absent for most of the play because he is away at college. He only returns when he feels something urgent needs to be done. As well, Simba is not in the Pride Lands, he is in the jungle when Scar is a miserable king. He only returns when he is needed the most. Both princes return to reclaim their honor. Just as their actions, the fate of the uncles in both the play and the movie are identical. Both meet their deaths at the hands of their nephews. In The Lion King, Simba, upon returning from exile, confronts Scar and defeats him. Hamlet, on the other hand, is more passive at first. He poisons his uncle but before the poison takes effect, hamlet stabs Claudius, finishing the job. These two plays have several plot points in common. These points have inferred the similarity of characters such as Mufasa and King Hamlet, Scar and Claudius, Simba and Prince Hamlet. Laertes from Hamlet, is Claudius’ right-hand man. Although it may seem like he does not share any similarities with Simba, one must think again. Laertes and Simba both display impulsive behavior when angered. Once Laertes discovers his father has been murdered, Laertes immediately assumes the slayer is Claudius. As a result of Laertes’ speculation, he instinctively moves to avenge Poloniuss death. Provide insight into Laertes’Show MoreRelatedThe Lion King930 Words   |  4 PagesThe movie â€Å"The Lion King† can be interpreted in several different ways. There are the opinions of children and the opinions of adults. Children typically do not analyze it in depth as adults do and they do not always see the hidden meaning behind this movie. The movie is all about the ‘Circle of Life’ and how society works. The movie does not promote segregation but it does have hierarchies. Those hierarchies are shown throughout the movie where the lions are at the top and the hyenas are at theRead MoreThe Lion King ( Film )1038 Words   |  5 PagesThe Lion King (FILM) This Disney animated film follows the adventures of the young lion Simba, the heir of his father, Mufasa. Simba s wicked uncle, Scar plots to usurp Mufasa s throne by luring father and son into a stampede of wildebeests. But Simba escapes, and only Mufasa is killed. Simba returns as an adult to take back his homeland from Scar with the help of his friends Timon and Pumbaa. The first theme in the film the The Lion King would have to be manipulation. Although this theme mayRead MoreEssay On The Lion King1736 Words   |  7 PagesWalt Disney’s The Lion King is a legendary film even after its release almost twenty years ago, in 1994. (Disney). This film is easily the best animated feature of its kind; from the musical score to the animation to the memorable characters this film is an instant classic. The film is an animated fantasy adventure that spins the tale of a young lion cub named, Simba, who is the young prince of the lion pride. Simba is betrayed by his uncle, Scar, and runs into the wilderness after his father’s murderRead MoreThe Movie The Lion King 907 Words   |  4 PagesThe 1994 Disney film, The Lion King, is the beloved coming of age story about a young lion cub, Simba, who experiences tragedy, becomes lost, but eventually finds his way back to his roots. Perhaps, one of the most memorable scenes is the one where the ghost of his father confronts Simba. Disney used several elements to portray the feeling of being lost, and finding himself again throughout the less than four-minute scene. The use of physical obstacles, scenery, and parallels to Hamlet, scene 19Read More The Lion King Essay716 Words   |  3 PagesThe Lion King last week, and the first few words that come to my mind are: â€Å"amazing,† â€Å"stunning,† and â€Å"unbelievable!† My expectations were met, as my eyes grew wider with the bright, colorful lights, breath taking costumes, and the superb music of the first scene. I was a little unsure at first, wondering how in the world Disney was going to manage putting a film starring non-human characters, and animated ones at that, onto a three-dimensional stage. Disney never ceases to amaze me. The Lion KingRead MoreReaction Paper On The Lion King1620 Words   |  7 Pagesanalyze the movie The Lion King. Nearly everyone across the world has seen The Lion King, and w hen I was younger it was one of my personal favorite movies. However, I have never thought about this movie in a spiritual or religious way before this assignment. While watching this movie again I tried to relate the story, events, and characters to aspects of different religions and different aspects of the sacred. While writing this paper I will explain how the movie The Lion King explores the conceptRead MoreDisney s The Lion King1382 Words   |  6 Pagesthe success of Disney’s The Lion King, based off of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, it only made sense to produce a sequel to the movie based off of another great Shakespearean work. Romeo and Juliet has been reworked many times, but a fairly overlooked adaptation is Disney’s The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride. The story of the â€Å"star crossed lovers† is now seen through the forbidden love of the lions Kiara, a pridelander, and Kovu, an outsider. Much like the original Lion King, there were sig nificant alterationsRead MoreAnalysis Of The Movie The Lion King 1022 Words   |  5 PagesThe Lion King The reason I decided to do this movie is because this one of the best Walt Disney movie of all times. The movie was debut back in 1994, and it was a smash hit. The movie starts off with singing â€Å"The Circle of Life†, and the movie is in Africa, where it all begins. It’s showing the king Mufasa holding his new born son Simba holding him up to the heavens with his wife Sarabi. Mufasa is showing him off to the Pride Rock so everyone can see, because as it said down throughout historyRead MorePhilosophy in the Lion King Essay954 Words   |  4 Pagesof The Lion King The Lion King is a classic movie, beloved by many. On the surface, this movie seems to be a light-hearted, carefree tale of a lion cub’s journey to justice. However, on taking a deeper look, one finds that the tale consists of conflicting worldviews and philosophies, while presenting the idea of destiny. But which religions and philosophies is it portraying? Let us take a closer look. Some would argue that Christianity is the mainly presented religion in the Lion King. After studyingRead MoreFilm Analysis Of The Lion King1845 Words   |  8 Pages The film The Lion King was an extraordinary animated film from the Walt Disney Collection. The film uses many theatrical features such as the choice of sound and music, lighting, and the actors and actresses’ voices behind the characters. I will be analyzing this film through formalist theory. â€Å"A formalist approach to analysis is concerned with film form, or how the basic elements are organized to convey certain meanings.† (Goodykoontz Jacobs, 2014) Contextual Information

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Mathematicians of the Great Awakening - 664 Words

The 1700’s was home to one of the most crucial time periods in American history, The Great Awakening. This was also a very important time of development for mathematics. One of the mathematicians who had the greatest influence during this time was Gabriel Cramer, best known for his treatise on algebraic curves, published in 1750. Some of the others include Count Fagnano and .Antoine Parent. Ultimately, all three of these mathematicians somewhat revolutionized math during this time period. Gabriel Cramer was a Swiss mathematician born in Geneva in 1704. His father was Jean Isaac Cramer, who was a medical doctor in Geneva. While his mother was Anne Mallet. Jean and Anne had three sons who all went on to academic success. Besides Gabriel, their other two sons were Jean-Antoine who followed his fathers profession and Jean who became a professor of law. Gabriel moved rapidly through his education in Geneva, and in 1722, while he was still only eighteen years old he was awarded a do ctorate for having submitted a thesis on the theory of sound. Two years later, he was competing for the chair of philosophy at the Acadà ©mie de Clavin in Geneva. He published his best-known work in his forties. This was his treatise on algebraic curves (1750). It contains the earliest demonstration that a curve of the nth degree is in general determined if 1/2n (n+3) points on it are given. Some of his other achievements include editing the works of the two elder Bernoullis and writing on theShow MoreRelatedBlack People And The American Revolution1404 Words   |  6 Pagesthat they can retrace their way back to the Great Passage, and ultimately back home. Others decided to directly express their anger and frustrations of their new reality through violence. Most waited for an opportune time to harm. They harmed others by using many of the tools that were available to them such as axes and burning stations. They even attempted to organize rebellions (Berline, 77). This account di ffers from the time on the ship. During the Great Passage the slaves internalized their frustrationsRead MoreA Beautiful Mind Is The Film That Changed My Life905 Words   |  4 PagesA Beautiful Mind was the film that changed my life. It is biographical drama film based on the life of John Nash (Mathematician), a Nobel Laureate in Economics. A Beautiful Mind was directed by Ron Howard, starting Russell Crowe as John Nash and Jennifer Connelly as his wife (Alicia Nash). The film starts off with John Nash (Crowe) at Princeton University, who was there for scholarship of mathematics alongside with other well respected classmates. John Nash (Crowe) was pressured to get publishRead MoreWhat Were the Causes and Consequences of the Scientific Revolution and How Did It Change the World from 1500 - 1800?1611 Words   |  7 Pagespurely because he could think logically and with reason, meant that he existed. This inspired other great minds of the age to think. In doing so people saw a g reater understanding for the world around them, the environment. This led to the major stepping-stone in the evolution of the Scientific Revolution and, subsequently, the Enlightenment; the Renaissance. The Renaissance was a period of awakening. The idea of beauty in art and the seeds of curiosity that were planted set the scene for the RevolutionRead MoreWhat Does The Renaissance Means and Where It Started1514 Words   |  7 PagesWhat Renaissance means and where it started The word â€Å"renaissance† means re-birth and also re-awakening. It also meant the activity, motion and even time of the big and great revival of not only art, but literature, learning, culture and science. Renaissance as a word symbolizes the revival of many aspects of life and also the transition from the medieval times to the modern times. Renaissance started in the 14th century in the republic of Florence (â€Å"Firenze† in Italian) in the north of Italy. Read MoreEssay on Albert Einstein: Creator and Rebel2900 Words   |  12 Pagesutmost importance. Following mention of those, it is then possible to look at his or her life, family, and religion as well. However, for Albert Einstein, these elements must all be looked at collectively. Einstein will no doubt go down in history as a great theoretical physicist. His work is compared in importance to that of scientists such as Galileo Galilei, Nicolas Copernicus, Johannes Kepler, and Isaac Newton. Some would even say that his contributions to science were greater. However, it is impossibleRead MorePsychedelic Drugs and Their Influence on Creativity and Spirituality2735 Words   |  11 Pagesinduce â€Å"deeply meaningful religious revelations and spiritual awakenings† (Moro et al. 190). Psychedelic drug use in hopes of spiritual revelations is not new, a nd has actually been going on for hundreds of years. The Native American Church has been known to traditionally use psychedelic drugs for spiritual experiences (Moro et al. 190). Some Mexican tribes are also known to ingest psilocybin mushrooms in order to induce religious awakenings (Moro et al. 190). To further prove his argument, LeventeRead More The Liberal Arts and the End of Education Essay3055 Words   |  13 Pagesthroughout the classical period, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Its early articulations in Plato, Boethius, Nicomachus, Martianus Capella, Ptolemy and St. Bonaventura and others give way to the advance of modernity.. Jonathan Swift recorded the first great battle of the new versus the old learning. Matthew Arnold and T. H. Huxley engaged in a debate about the respective roles of literature and the sciences at the end of the nineteenth century. that now seems a rearguard action. When Arnold defendedRead MoreJean Piaget Cognitive Development10144 Words    |  41 Pagesis schemata.) Earliest schemes in the sensorimotor period are simply action patterns based on little more than reflexes, whereas later schemes are less action based and more cognitive. In Piaget’s view, children are like intuitive logicians or mathematicians. A child forms schemes or mental categories which may be likened to a mathematician’s concept of a â€Å"set†. For example, a child develops an â€Å"animal† scheme and also forms intuitive rules about what belong in this particular category or set. AtRead MoreHistory of Social Work18530 Words   |  75 Pages..43 2 S.Rengasamy-History of Social Welfare / Social Work History of Social Welfare/ Social Work The need to understand history of social work The need to understand history of social work The diversity of social work represents a great challenge for social work research, education and practice in the rapidly internationalizing and globalizing world. This challenge can be met successfully only with a deep philosophical and historical understanding of the characteristics of a particularRead MoreLibrary Management204752 Words   |  820 PagesManagement is one of the most essential skills in ensuring the effective functioning of any type of organization. This chapter will provide an overview of management, managers, and managerial functions focusing specifically on library management. Many great libraries flourished in ancient times, and these institutions continue their importance in the modern information age. Although libraries have been developed by various nations and cultures, they all share one overriding feature: They provide access

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Service quality in hong kong restaurant Free Essays

string(62) " face interviews with prepared questionnaires \(Appendix 1\)\." Abstract This report is to identify and examine the issues of service quality throughout restaurant industry. Personal survey was carried out in Hong Kong to collect positive and negative expediencies in restaurant. The personal survey categorised into five groups: staff, information, process, food quality and availability. We will write a custom essay sample on Service quality in hong kong restaurant or any similar topic only for you Order Now The result will show a range of satisfiers and dissatisfies relating to the experiences in restaurant. Introduction Nowadays, many customers are more demanding on service quality in service industry such as hospitality and tourism. Since 1880s the service quality was began toward to the worldwide trend, many restaurant companies realised that a quality of food, in itself, is not guaranteed to maintain competitive advantage (Van der wal et al, 2002). The purpose of service quality is to delivery of excellent or superior service relative to customer expectation which is recognised as a multi dimensional construct (Zeithaml and Bitner, 1996). Service quality improvements will lead to customer satisfaction and cost management that result in improved profits (Steveson, 2002). Especially for customer service has major impact in service quality, customer service has become a unique component of both product and service sectors as well as the developments in information technology many businesses found that customer are being more demanding and knowledgeable. Not only has that, according to Moore (1987) s hown that many researchers had recognised that service quality could gain competitive advantages for company. Therefore, many companies are increasing attention to improve their service quality (Ghobadian et al, 1994). This report will investigate the levels of service quality in restaurants. It will examine the importance of service satisfaction and meeting customer expectations and studying the SERVQUAL model and the total quality management model. For the purpose of this study, the service quality in restaurants includes staff, decoration and layout, location, menu and information, food quality, hygiene and food process. Customer experiences in restaurant will be assessed by identifying the experience of satisfaction or dissatisfaction by using the Critical Incident Technique (CIT). Literature Review Furthermore, customer to customer experiences is getting more important in todays experience economy, in order make customers are staging memorable, special, and above and beyond service experiences plays an important role. These customer to customer experiences will help company gain a competitive advantage in the competitive service industry. There are many methods and models of evaluating service quality. SERVQUAL is a model that provides a technique for measuring and managing service quality, this has According to Parasuraman et al (1988) from Figure 1, SERVQUAL has five features dimension which are tangibles, reliability, responsiveness, empathy and assurance. These components are to measure the gap between customer satisfaction and expectation. SERVQUAL is assuming the service quality is critically determined by the disparity between the expectations and perceptions of the customer and the service actually delivered (Curry and Sinclair. 2002). In addition, service quality can be defined as the extent to which a performance of company meets a customer’s need or expectation (Wisniewski 2001). Consequently, these are to improve and provide service to customer and a strategy to be a loyalty and have a luxury experience at company. Moreover, ‘Service quality is a multilevel construct consisting of the aforementioned three sub dimensions’ studied by Brady and Cronin (2001). The first dimension is interaction quality, it is formed of attitude, behaviour and expertis e of the service provider. The second dimension is physical environment quality, it is formed of ambient conditions, design and social factors of the service facilities. Lastly, the outcome quality dimension is formed of waiting time, tangibles and valence. Secondly, Totally quality service (TQS) is a continuous improvement process, it involved leadership, measurement tools and organisational culture, it is the product delivered to the customer is a service rather than a manufactured object and customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal in both cases (Karen,1997). It is focuses on customer needs and expectations, the company should understand what customer needs and their expectations before designing and implementation, also in order to maintain the competitive edge, the company must to identify their customer’s needs and meet the customer satisfaction (Asher, 1989). In terms of restaurant, they need to understand their target customer eating behaviour in order to design the menu which suit customer expectation. Moreover, company having a good leadership system, an organisational culture and a team of good commitment employees would improve business process which result in improvements in service quality. This can be an improvement in service performance outcomes or cost based values, high levels of service quality will lead to high levels of customer satisfaction. Parasuraman et al (1991) conceptualised the Zone of tolerance theory and suggests that service quality perception are dependent upon consumer’s expectations. Company in order to understanding and measuring the satisfaction of customer, they used Critical incident technique (CIT), it’s provide a starting point and a process for advancing company through a learning experience (Davis, P J 2006). The CIT can provide a powerful data analysis tool to increase knowledge which is relating to company’s performance (Bitner et al, 1990). The purpose of CIT is to investigate any causes of the problem and then advance some solutions to address the problem. Grove and Fisk (1997) used the CIT to investigate how customers get along with each other in entertainment parks. They found that it is appropriate and reasonable behaviour in service situation as well as individual situation. CIT is a ‘story telling’ method which provides a variety sources of data by allowing respondents to determine which incidents are the most relevant to the phenomenon being investigated (Grewler, 2004). This CIT method has been successfully used in many studies provides and justify of the methodology of this report. Methodology The primary objective of this study is to identify service experiences in restaurant industry. CIT is one of the popular research method in the service literature and it is especially useful when researching phenomenon (Edvardsson and Roos, 2001, Bitner et al, 1990). Furthermore, it involves a classification technique in order to analysis qualitative data. This research is based on face to face interviews with prepared questionnaires (Appendix 1). You read "Service quality in hong kong restaurant" in category "Essay examples" This is to collect the past experiences in restaurants from interviewers as well as the average spending in restaurant critical incident were gathered by asking interviewers to recall the most memorable experience of service quality they had in restaurant. The interviews were carried out in late March 2011 in Hong Kong, China. The reasons of chosen this place was because I am interesting the service quality in my home town as well as Hong Kong is a cosmopolitan city that gathered al kind of different type of restaurants. Interviews were conducted in two days. The interviewers were picked up at random places around Hong Kong. This was to make sure the data I collect could be more accurate as I could. Findings A total of 55 results were collected from 40 respondents, 31 were female and 9 male. 29 respondents can recall their good experiences when they were in restaurant whereas 26 respondents can also recall their bad experiences when they were in restaurant. The results were sorted into 5 categories, these data would help readers to understand the main issues of service quality in restaurant industry. Staff: Satisfier- the staffs are quite friendly, well explained of the menu and also recommended their popular recipe for us. Satisfier- I am a vegetarian, the staff recommend some good vegetarian menu to us and she was very patient to answer our requires. Dissatisfier- the service performance was not as good as I expected, I waited 10 minutes till one of the staff came over or asking order. Information: Satisfier- the menu display very well and the picture of the recipe from the menu are almost the same to what we had. Dissatisfier- the restaurant is not easy to find and did not have many advert on magazine or official website. Therefore, it is not easy to find out more about the restaurant. Process: Satisfier- the process was very efficiency, from taken order fill the food delivery only took 10 minutes. Dissatisfier- I waited for so long till the food came, even though there were not many customers at that moment Food quality: Satisfier- the food taste very nice and well displayed. Satisfier- I am a big eater and the portion is huge which is suitable for me. Dissatisfier- the food was very expensive and did not worth for $1000 for four people. Atmosphere: Satisfier- the restaurant location was outskirt of town which was very nice and quiet as well as suitable for gather some friends for a chat and gathering or some business meeting. Satisfier- in the Valentine ’s Day, me and my girlfriend went to a restaurant, the lighting inside the restaurant was very romantic we had a good time at that restaurant. Dissatisfier- the tables were very close to each other, we felt very uncomfortable. There were too many people waiting for table so we can not stay in that restaurant for a bit longer. Analysis The graph shows the satisfaction of service quality in Hong Kong restaurants. The graph shows that the majority of customers are satisfied with the service quality of restaurant. For the most important is staff performance, 19 respondents can recall their experience of staff service quality, 12 of them are satisfied with the staff’s service, they think that staffs are friendly and introduce the popular recipe to customers. On the other hand, 7 respondents are dissatisfied with the staff’s service, they think that the staff have no manner and took long time to take order. These could shown that the staff’ performance are important and have a directive effect on total service quality. Many restaurant companies are trying to increase the attention to improving service quality especially staff performance, some companies consider service quality is more important than product quality as well as good service quality could improve sale performance and improve profit (Ghobadian et al, 1994; Stevenson, 2002). Customer satisfaction depends on worke rs in the restaurant team knowing their role and working to a common objective (Macanlay, S and Cook, S 1995). Customers think that uniformity is what customer service teams seem to strive for such as standard uniform to all staff and standard greetings, these could improve the company image and professional. Furthermore, restaurant manager should also set a clear service standards and objectives and monitor and jointly review staff performance. For example: how long it takes to process customer calls and orders, letters to customers conforming to company style, use of telephone greeting and handling customer complaints. Other than staff’s performance, food quality is essential in service quality to restaurant in order to be successful. It is because good food can keep customer return and building up loyalty. 10 respondents can recall their good experience of food quality, they think the taste of the food was very good and well display. Also, customers think that the size of the portion is important as well. However, 5 respondents could recall their bad experience of food quality, some of them think that the food was tasteless and other respondent had a experience that the food was over cooked. Food is the main element in restaurant as it is a purpose that customer coming for. Moreover, food quality is important to restaurant and also should exceed customer expectation. Restaurant should be knowledgeable of what the expectation is and what customer needed from the restaurant in order to provide the best food to their target customer, especially in Hong Kong, there are many different type of cu rry themed restaurants, they all had different target market of customers and loyalty, it is because the restaurant managers understand that different customer loves different taste and can not fulfil all customers’ taste. After food quality, process is also important to restaurant operation, its included how long it takes to deliver the food to customer and the whole experience in the restaurant, if the restaurant operation run smoothly, it could gain added value.5 respondents could recall their good experience in the restaurant, most of them were happy with the process and think they are very efficiency. However, 3 respondents could recall their bad experience of process in the restaurant. Most of them were not happy with the delivery time, customer waited over 20 minutes for the food and some of them respondents waited for too long for worker to come and take orders. The process and operation have to be efficiency in the restaurant, these could increase the customer cover in the restaurant and improve in sales. In addition, information is how customer receives news and information from restaurant, the picture and text of the food from the menu should be accurate to the real food. 4 respondents were satisfied with the information such as menu and leaflet of the restaurant. They think that the menu layout was clear and easy to look. Addition to the restaurant advertised on many food magazine which help customers easy to find the place and fully described what is the theme of the restaurant and what kind of food they do in the restaurant. But 3 respondents were dissatisfied with the information, mainly, they were not happy with the menu, they think that the menu was too simple and without the ingredient inside the menu could case misunderstanding, also the food was not accurate to the picture from the magazine. Information is important to restaurant because it involved the communication and relationship with customers, customers have higher expectations if the restaurant is on the magazine and well promoted. For the most important is the menu design, good menu layout and pictures could attract customer. Finally, atmosphere inside the restaurant has a direct impact to service quality, atmosphere is including the lighting, personal space and decoration inside the restaurant. 4 respondents could recall their good experience in terms of atmosphere in the restaurant, one of the respondent said the lighting is important if customer are couple for a special meal as well as decoration. However, only 1 respondent was complaining that the table cover was too close to each table which didn’t have enough personal space and can not relax during the dinner. Decoration and atmosphere are essential to restaurant, it can gives a good image to customer and added value to service quality. Conclusion This report has examined customer perceptions of service quality in terms of staff’s performance, process, information, food quality and atmosphere in restaurants in Hong Kong using the critical incident technique. Perceived service quality is highly subject to different people, there are many definitions of quality that emphasize this aspect of customer (Juran, 1974). However, there is always an improvement in terms of service quality. The result shown that the customers are more concern and recognise the important on service quality into five main areas: staff, process, information, food quality and atmosphere. The hospitality industry such as restaurant seems increasing to be acknowledging the message that quality is satisfying the needs and expectations of the customer (Lockwood, 1995). Moreover, it managing quality is a particularly difficult and complex problems, the restaurant needs to face the manufacturing problems of providing a high quality food to satisfy customer, it also needs to counter the problems of service delivery through the high level of interaction between staff and customer (Lockwood, 1995). The report shown that the majority of respondents were satisfied with the service quality, 64% are satisfied to overall service quality in the restaurant. Especially staff and food quality are the main concern and have a direct impact to service quality, 22 respondents were satisfied with these areas. However, there are 34% are not satisfied with overall service quality in restaurant and mainly 12 respondents were dissatisfied with the staff and food in restaurant. Which has told us that there are improvement in service quality in restaurant. Managerial implications The results of the report have shown that there are many issues should be improved by manager of restaurant operation and training. This report could provide opportunities to the restaurant management for improvement in order to gain more competitive advantages. It is clear that much dissatisfaction in staff’s performance and food quality. The respondents in this research though that these two elements are important in service quality. In terms of staff’s performance, in order to provide exceeding service to customer to meet their needs and satisfaction, management should provide regular training to employees. Also in the food quality, the front house staffs should always asking for opinion of food from customers and having regular meeting with kitchen staffs sharing the commends from customers, not only on food quality also on overall performance. For some chain restaurants, they standardise the food quality and staff’s quality, they set a standard of staff’s quality for staff to follow to guideline to serve the guest and as well as on food control. Process also need to be improved, management need to make sure that the operation runs smoothly and aiming for no mistake in any steps, efficiency service could satisfy customer. Atmosphere and information are based on their target customer, the management should be understand their customer interest and provide suitable environment for customer. How to cite Service quality in hong kong restaurant, Essay examples

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Breaking Bad News Writing Tips free essay sample

Unfortunately, there will be times in your career when you have to report bad news to someone. It’s awful to give and awful to hear, but there are certainly better and worse ways to present the message. For this assignment, you will select one of the scenarios below and craft a bad news letter to the fictional recipient. Scenarios: 1. Write a letter to a very strong job candidate telling them that after much deliberation following three rounds of interviews, a prestigious job at your organization has been filled by someone else. However, you believe there may be a position available for this person in the future with the company, so make sure you leave a positive impression. 2. Write a letter to someone 90 days past due on a debt to your company. You may want to explain to your reader what will happen if payment is not made soon. Consider how the reader feels about the situation and what would be the best technique for getting payment. We will write a custom essay sample on Breaking Bad News: Writing Tips or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Remember, if this person files for bankruptcy, your company may get no payment at all. . Write a letter to a tenant informing him/her of a lease violation. Be sure to include the specifics of the violation. Remember, this evidence could be important if you later need to evict this person. But be careful of outright attacking the tenant. In the past, your management company has had tenants break leases and trash apartments when there was a disagreement with management. 4. Write a letter to someone who is 30 days past due on a debt to your organization. Think about how this letter might differ from the scenario above where the debt is 90 days past due. 5. Write a letter to a former employee who has recently contacted you and asked you to write a letter of recommendation for him/her. Unfortunately, you ethically cannot recommend this individual for the position he/she is applying for. Quite frankly, the individual was arrogant, unprepared, stubborn, and apathetic. You weren’t sad when s/he left the company and you don’t feel comfortable trying to sell them as an employee to another organization. 6. Write a letter to a subordinate rejecting a recently submitted proposal for opening a new location for your business in his or her native country. You know this proposal was very important to this employee because s/he believed that in time, s/he would be able to move back home to run this facility. You know s/he labored over the details, but unfortunately, it just isn’t a wise business decision. 7. Write a letter to a subordinate to tell them that they have been denied promotion based on their latest performance review. Focus on the problems, not attacking the employee. For example, in what competencies required by the position is the employee lacking? In what areas of his/her job has s/he been performing below standard? Remember that even though you want to protect the employee’s feelings, you need to be explicit in your review – it will be important to have this documentation if the poor performance continues and you need to terminate the employee. Remember the goals you have when presenting bad news: * Make the decision clear * Help your audience accept the message * Maintain a goodwill relationship Prevent further unnecessary discussion * Preserve the company’s image * Protect the company from lawsuits. * Be thoughtful of the reader’s feelings * Reject the person, proposal, idea, behavior clearly and explicitly but not in a hurtful manner. Your letter must be written in the indirect format. This means it will include at least 4 sections (not necessarily 4 paragraphs – could be more or less). You will start with an opening buffer. Your second and third sections will convey the bad news and provide the justification for this bad news. You may choose to put the justification before the bad news if you think that is a better way to present the information. Your fourth section will close the letter on a pleasant note as you try to maintain goodwill between you, the audience, and the organization. Your letter should be presented in block format. It should be no longer than 1. 5 pages long. This assignment is due at the start of class on Wednesday, November 14th. It is worth 50 points and will be graded based on format, content, organization, and language. As always, email me or ask me in class if you have any questions.

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Was the Assassination at Sarajevo the Most Important Cause of World War 1 free essay sample

Assassination at Sarajevo the most important cause of World War 1? WW1 was announced on 28th July 1914, it was one of the most devastating wars ever to take place with over 16 million deaths. But how could a group of 7 young men known as the Black Hand, cause a war that effected millions of people around the globe. My aim is to find if there are any more causes that may have been overlooked, and in order to do that I must start at the very beginning†¦ The world in the early 1900s was dominated by European powers. From the start of the 18th century European country began to build empires. They did this in order to appear to have greater powers and were in control of more trading paths, not only in Europe but around the world. Many conflicts began due to the ‘scramble for colonies’ – particularly in Africa. A fierce rivalry developed between the European nations. We will write a custom essay sample on Was the Assassination at Sarajevo the Most Important Cause of World War 1? or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The British Empire was the largest empire held by a European country. It included Canada, India and Australia. The newly formed (in 1871) Germany had ambitions to be as big and as powerful as Britain, they wanted to have an imperialistic empire. Imperialism is a belief that to be a strong country, you need to have a large empire and this will give great profit to your nation. Also in 1871, Germany defeated France in war. The Germans made the French pay 200 million francs in compensations and give the border territories of Alsace and Lorraine to Germany. The Germans knew that France would look for revenge as soon as possible. To prevent this, Otto von Bismarck (the chancellor and leader) made agreements with other countries so that France would have no allies with which to fight against Germany in the future. In 1882 Germany signed an agreement with Austria-Hungary and Italy, known as the triple alliance. These became nationalist alliances: the belief that loyalty to a persons nation and its political and economic goals comes before any other public loyalty. Nationalism took hold among people who shared a common language, history, or culture. Such people began to view themselves as members a national group or nation. Germany had successfully made alliance with two of the other major powers in Europe. The only possible ally for France if it wanted to attack Germany was Britain. But Britain had no interest in war in Europe. It looked like Bismarck had success fully isolated France and kept Germany safe from attack. One of the reasons Bismarck’s plans came undone was the character of the new Kaiser, Wilhelm II. He was an intelligent man, but also very moody and he lacked diplomatic skills. Bismarck had worked hard to keep France isolated but Wilhelm II quarrelled with Bismarck and dismissed him from office. Then he dialled to renew the agreement with Russia. So Russia turned to France, and in 1894 the two countries signed the Dual Entente (understanding.) France had found an ally. By 1907, Britain had joined the Dual Entente thus making it the Triple Entente. They also promised to help each other’s would they go to war. Germany saw the triple Entente as a threat. In 1905 German generals drew up the Schleiffen Plan- a strategy to defeat an attack by the Entente countries if war broke out. The plan involved quickly defeating France, before attacki ng Russia. The generals thought Russia would take too long to get ready for war, and France was weak, so both would be easily pushed aside. War became almost inevitable by the early 20th century. Many people actually wanted a war at the time but a reason was needed for one to begin In 1904, Kaiser Wilhelm decided to test how strong the Triple Entente was. He knew that France wanted to take control of morocco, so in 1905 he visited the area and made a speech saying he supported the independence of Morocco. The French were furious but had agreed to hold a conference to discuss the matte rat Algeciras in Spain. At that conference Britain and other countries stood by France. They said that although Morocco was independent, France still had special rights I the country. Britain had controlled the seas since the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805 and had the most powerful navy in the world. Britain’s trade was wide spread and her huge overseas empire produced great wealth for the country. As long as Britain had the worlds strongest navy, it could make sure that none of the other Great Powers would try to seize part of its empire. In 1898, Kaiser Wilhelm announced that Germany was to start a militaristic method of preparing for war, building 41 battleships and 61 cruisers. This was part of the plan to make sure that Germany could defend itself and protect its growing overseas trade. The Kaisers ambitions caused alarm bells in Britain. Germany was in central Europe and needed a large army to protect its border, so why did it need a large navy? As the British foreign Secretary, Sir Edward Grey, said in 1909: ‘There is no comparison between the importance of the German navy to Germany and the importance of our navy to us†¦ it is not a matter of life and death to them as it is to us. ’ Whatever Wilhelm’s intentions, Britain saw Germany’s ship building as a threat. Talks were held to try and limit the size of the British and German navies, but they broke down. The in 1906, the game changed. Britain launched the first of a new kind of battleship, HMS Dreadnaught. Germany Responded by building its own ‘dreadnoughts’. The naval race was well and truly on. The Balkans was the spark that truly lit the bonfire. It was a very unstable area with many different nationalities mixed together; the area had been ruled by Turkey for many centuries, but Turkish power was now in decline. The new governments which had been set up in place of Turkish rule often argued with each other. The two great powers, Russia and Austria, bordered the countries in this region and both wanted to control the area because it gave them access to the Mediterranean. In 1908 Austria took over the provinces of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Russia and Serbia protested but they soon backed down when Germany made it clear that it supported Austria and neither Russia nor Serbia was prepared to risk war with Germany over this issue. However, there were some serious consequences. Austria now felt that it would be backed by Germany in future disputes and this made Austria too confident, and encouraged it to make trouble with Serbia and Russia. There was a series of local wars in the Balkan regions called The Balkan Wars from 1912 to 1913 and Serbia emerged as the most powerful country of the region. This was a very serious issue for Austria as Serbia was a close ally to Russia. Austria decided that Serbia would have to be dealt with. By 1914 Austria was looking for a good excuse to crush Serbia. Austria’s opportunity came with the murder of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo†¦ A Serbian terrorist group, called The Black Hand, had decided that the Archduke should be assassinated and the planned visit provided the ideal opportunity. Seven young men who had been trained in bomb throwing and marksmanship were stationed along the route that Franz Ferdinands car would follow from the City Hall to the inspection. The first two terrorists were unable to throw their grenades because the streets were too crowded and the car was travelling quite fast. The third terrorist, a young man called Cabrinovic, threw a grenade which exploded under the car following that of the Archduke. Although the Archduke and his wife were unhurt, some of his attendants were injured and had to be taken to hospital. After lunch at the City Hall, Franz Ferdinand insisted on visiting the injured attendants in hospital. However, on the way to the hospital the driver took a wrong turn. Realising his mistake he stopped the car and began to reverse. Another terrorist, named Gavrilo Princip, stepped forward and fired two shots. The first hit the pregnant Sophia in the stomach, she died almost instantly. The second shot hit the Archduke in the neck. He died a short while later. Although there was no hard evidence that Princip was acting under order form the Serbian government, Austria blamed Serbia and threatened to attack unless Serbia met certain demands. Serbia could not meet them so Austria attacked. As Russia had promised to protect Serbia, it began to prepare for war. Britain mobilised its navy to get ready for war and at the same time Germany declared war on Russia and France for going to war with a member of its alliance. To attack France, Germany invaded neutral Belgium but they had a good army prepared and managed to fight off the German army. It was at this point on the 28th July that Britain declared war on Germany. I think that the assassination of Franz Ferdinand was a strong contender as the most important cause of WWI as it lit the spark of the bomb that had been about to explode, but each of the other causes add to it. I think that Germany’s greed to have more power and money was the main cause as the rest of Europe would not have had to form alliance for battle and waited in such tension with their armies ready to fight for their countries. This militarism was at breaking point until the assassination. Germany’s need for imperialism put all the countries at risk ad made their governments nervous so they felt the need to build their forces. The need for imperialism links with their want of nationalism after winning many countries after war they believed that they could be one of the strongest empires in the world with a united nation. In order to achieve imperialism, they believed they had to use militarism to gain influence. In conclusion, it was the fault of Germany that caused WWI as they wanted complete dominance and authority over the world and had it not started preparing for war by building up troops and alliances, other countries would not have had to either.

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Compare the Ways in Which Two Poets Use the Symbol of a Rose and Explore the Effects of Their Words Upon the Reader Essays

Compare the Ways in Which Two Poets Use the Symbol of a Rose and Explore the Effects of Their Words Upon the Reader Essays Compare the Ways in Which Two Poets Use the Symbol of a Rose and Explore the Effects of Their Words Upon the Reader Essay Compare the Ways in Which Two Poets Use the Symbol of a Rose and Explore the Effects of Their Words Upon the Reader Essay Compare the ways in which two poets use the symbol of a rose and explore the effects of their words upon the reader. A rose is most commonly known to represent love and affection towards another person. However, it can be used to symbolize the opposite feelings as the reader understands in the first poem, A Gift of a Rose. Both poems, A Gift of a Rose and A Red, Red Rose describe the rose, but in two very contrasting aspects of love and desire and hatred and blood.A Red, Red Rose, written by Robert Burns, uses positive connotations of the word ‘Rose’ to describe his affections to his love and uses the traditional cliche of a rose to show this. Robert Burns uses a rose in a conventional way to declare his love in a Sonnet form as one would have done in the 18th century. Through the use of repetition of the word ‘Red’ in the title, it suggests a deep and matured love for the other person. Burns confirms this idea of deep love when he sa ys, â€Å"So deep in luve am I,† telling the reader directly what the poem is about.The poem also consists of hyperboles which also show the depth of his love as he is comparing her to all the things he finds beautiful or fascinating, such as â€Å"a red, red rose,† which is also how he sees her. By using a capital letter at the beginning of the words ‘Luve’ and ‘Dear’, it emphasises his affection for the other person and makes the poem seem more loving and affectionate. In contrast, A Gift of a Rose, written by Fred D’Aguiar, does not use a ‘red, red rose’ as a cliche, but instead subverted the word to describe discrimination, hurt and open wounds, with violent diction, metaphorical phrases and negative connotations.This poem describes a discrimination against a black person. The use of a red rose in this poem is to symbolise violence, anger and bloodshed. The use of a red rose gives a sarcastic tone to the poem, reflectin g on the way black people were treated at the time. Metaphors such as â€Å"a bunch of red roses†, meaning several wounds and â€Å"I have a bouquet of my own for them†, meaning many ways of revenge, add to the harshness of the poem and gives a sense of disturbance to the reader as it makes the thorns on a rose much more prominent than the flower itself. Alliteration is also used such as â€Å"a rose for a rose† to add emphasis on etting revenge and the hurt that has been caused. The phrase â€Å"red, red roses† in this poem, suggests a very deep sense of anger and violence inside the victim and in this case, the lack of love towards the person discriminated. When comparing the two poems, the reader discovers that the rose has many different meanings and can be used to symbolise to very contrasting situations of love and of revenge. A Red, Red Rose is a far gentler poem which uses much softer and flowing words such as ‘played’, ‘mileâ⠂¬â„¢, ‘smile’, ‘will’, ‘still’ etc. they all use the letter ‘l’ which adds a lyrical rhythm to the poem.Whereas A Gift of a Rose uses far harsher and violent diction, such as ‘statistic’, ‘ice’, ‘exit’, ‘epithets’ etc, which all use the letter ‘t’ which is harsh sounding and negative. However, both poems do use repetition for example; â€Å"red, red roses† is used in both poems to show the depth of feeling in the writer. The gift of a rose also repeats the words â€Å"rose† and â€Å"flowers† throughout the poem, emphasising the hurt and pain, whereas a red, red rose only has to say the word once to show his love as the sonnet structure of the poem gives the idea away.In conclusion, the word rose can be expressed in several ways and have several meanings which may contradict one another but overall have similar meanings. A gift of a rose uses the symbol of a rose to show revenge, violence, anger and hurt but still use it in symbolising feelings, whereas the feelings shown in a red, red rose, are very much opposite and have an opposite effect on the reader through use of language, metaphors and the meaning of the rose symbol.

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Read the article then write essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Read the article then write - Essay Example rk, headquartered in Melno Park, California, US., had over 8,350 employees in the same time with Mark Zuckerberg serving as chairman and CEO while Sheryl Sandberg stands in as the COO. The company is traded as NASDAQ:FB in the stock exchange market (Harvell, 24-30). Facebook was founded in February 4th 2004 and served only small regions in the United States in the next one year. However, in the following years, that is, from 2005 to date, the site has been operational worldwide (as it is now used by various individuals, organizations and governments) with its global presence ever increasing. The founders at the beginning had restricted membership only to students of Harvard but later allowed membership in neighboring colleges in Boston such as Stanford University and the Ivy League. Currently, through its webpage,, the site permits persons over age 13 to register as members then create for themselves user profiles, add other users as friends, like other brands/ persons/ groups, post photos and status updates, receive numerous relevant notifications, share videos and exchange messages (Harvell, 65-81). I recently engaged and observed a few people in my quest to find out just how much the social network has changed people’s lives and dramatically revolutionized their ways of doing and seeing things. The results and views are quite frankly overwhelming with most persons able to cite with utmost confidence the numerous advantages and disadvantages of engaging the site. Mrs. Gordon, for instance, appreciates the fact that through Facebook, she has been able to successfully reconnect with long lost friends especially from her college years simply by typing their names, searching for them then sending them messages/ adding them as friends. She quips, â€Å"I have reacquired friends whose contacts I had lost long ago and dear people who I thought I would never see or talk to again through Facebook.† Moreover, Mrs. Gordon argues that Facebook is the most